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101-year old Italian man leaves hospital after recovering from Covid-19

The novel coronavirus infected over 500,000 people and claimed over 24,000 lives worldwide. Italy is one of the worst-hit nations, recording the highest number of deaths.

Meanwhile, a 101-year-old man recovered from the novel coronavirus in Rimini, Italy. The man is referred as Mr. P and, his family has now taken him home.

Mr. P was born in 1919 and was admitted to hospital last week after testing positive for Covid-19, according to Rimini’s vice-mayor, Gloria Lisi. Speaking of the case, Lisi said: “Everyone saw hope for the future of all of us in the recovery of a person more than 100 years old.”

“Every day we see the sad stories from these weeks that mechanically tell about a virus that rages and is especially aggressive on the elderly. But he survived. Mr. P. survived,” Lisi added.

The Vice-Mayor said that Mr. P’s family took him home on Wednesday. “His family brought him home last night (Wednesday), leaving behind a lesson that even at the age of 101, the future is not set.”

That’s indeed happy news amid the difficult times that the world is going through.

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