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13th Phase of Wage Protection Scheme From Feb, 01

Wage Protection Scheme

This system enables the establishments to a provide a proof of payment for workers’ wages; in order to meet the requirements of the WPS, this program monitor Wage payments for all workers (males and females) (Saudis and expatriates) in order to create a database containing updated information on payments And to determine the extent of establishments obligation to pay them on time and at the agreed value.


13th from Feb. 01

Ministry of labor will begin implementing the 13th phase of wage protection scheme starting Feb. 1, 2018, as part of its efforts to ensure the regular payment of worker dues.

The new phase will include 14,000 entities, employing a total of 477,402 workers, or 30-39 workers each, the ministry spokesman, Khaled Aba Al-Khail, said.

The system is aimed at monitoring the disbursement of wages for all workers in the private sector both Saudis and expatriates and was first introduced in the Kingdom for all companies with over 3,000 employees in September 2013.

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