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The 1st Movie ‘Black Panther’ Will Release Riyadh-Kafd by April 18

Marvel’s Black Panther will be the first film shown in Saudi Arabian movie theatres in 35 years. The film will kick off on April 18th with a gala premiere in Riyadh. Saudi Arabia banned public movie screenings 35 years ago due to religious concerns, but the decision to reverse that ban was made in December of 2017.

The film’s April 18th premiere will take place in AMC’s first Saudi Arabian theatre, built in the King Abdullah financial district. The building was originally intended as a symphony hall, and so its main theatre will include 500 leather seats, orchestra and balcony levels, and marble bathrooms.

The AMC plans to open up to 100 theatres across 25 different cities in Saudi Arabia by 2030; up to 40 of those locations, spread across 15 cities, are expected to open within the next five years.


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