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24,000 Tourist Visas Issued in First 10 Days

Saudi Arabia has issued 24,000 tourist visas by Monday (07-Oct 2019) since the time the Kingdom opened up its land to foreign tourists on Sept. 28.

The ministry revealed the number of visitors from the top 10 countries using the new system with China topping the list, with the UK and the US in second and third respectively.

Some 7,391 Chinese tourists have been issued visas to visit the Kingdom, according to the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Tourists from England make up the next biggest numbers 6159, while tourists from the United States came third with 2,132 visas. The Canadians were issued 1,612 despite a diplomatic dispute between the two countries.

The other countries are: Malaysia is fifth with 1,107 visas, France sixth with 744 visas, Germany 557 visas, Russia 484 visas, Australia 476 and Kazakhstan 421 visas in that order.