Saudi Arabia

Starting today, the electricity tariff will be increased threefold.

Saudi Arabia will begin implementing new electricity pricing Monday, January 1, 2018.

Household consumption will be estimated under two tranches instead of four, while the commercial sector will have two tranches instead of three.

Industrial and government tranches, however, will remain the same.

Residential consumption of between 1 and 6,000 KW/h per month will cost SAR 0.18 per KW/h, rising to SAR 0.30 for consumption above 6,000 KW/h.

In the commercial sector, prices for the 1-6,000 KW/h category will be SAR 0.20 per KW/h and SAR 0.30 for consumption above 6,000 KW/h.

Agricultural, non-profit, and charitable organizations pay SAR 0.16 per KW/h for 1-6,000 KW/h of consumption per month, and SAR 0.20 for consumption above 6,000 KW/h.

Private healthcare providers, private schools and education institutes will have prices of SAR 0.21 per KW/h.

You can check your estimated next bill by visiting website