4-Year Jail, Up to SR 200,000 Fine for Traffic Accidents Causing Death

Saudi Arabia’s traffic laws are set to get more stringent with the announcement of new traffic regulations amendments, under which violators will get stricter punishment, according to local media reports. 

According to traffic regulation amendments, motorists who cause serious traffic accidents resulting in death or total impairment will be jailed for a maximum of four years and fined SR 200,000 or less, or one of the two penalties.

Motorists who cause injuries in traffic accidents resulting in hospitalization for a maximum of 15 days will be imprisoned for at least two years or fined a maximum of SR 100,000, or both penalties.

Moreover, if a driver is caught driving an uninsured vehicle, he or she will be fined SR 100-SR 150. An impounded vehicle will be put up for auction if the owner does not show up within 90 days of the seizure. The new traffic rules will also put owners of driving schools under the scanner for not possessing a license, and violators will be fined a SR 200,000 penalty.