The overall number of suspects detained in Saudi prisons has increased to 5,345.

The Saudi authorities arrested 326 Yemenis, 64 Egyptians, and 23 Sudanese as part of a security clampdown.

Saudis make up a major bulk of detainees, with 4,439 nationals being held in custody pending criminal and terror cases.

The list also includes 215 Syrians, 89 Pakistanis, 64 Egyptians, 20 Indians, 9 Iranians, 16 Chadian, 23 Sudanese, 6 Afghans, 4 Ethiopians, 3 Iraqis, 5 Somalis, 3 Iraqis and 5 Americans.

The updated list also includes detainees from the UAE, France, Djibouti, Mauritania, Libya, Qatar, Algeria, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Eritrea, the Philippines, and Palestine – in addition to 8 other detainees of unidentified nationalities.

Yemeni Abdulrahman Fares Amer Al-Merri is among the most dangerous foreign detainees for his involvement in setting up three terrorist cells operating in 4 Saudi towns.

Source: Albilad

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