5,345 Detainees in Saudi Prisons, Here Is the Nationality Wise List

The overall number of suspects detained in Saudi prisons has increased to 5,345.

The Saudi authorities arrested 326 Yemenis, 64 Egyptians, and 23 Sudanese as part of a security clampdown.

The Saudis make up a major bulk of detainees, with 4,439 nationals being held in custody pending criminal and terror cases.

The list also includes 215 Syrians, 89 Pakistanis, 64 Egyptians, 20 Indians, 9 Iranians, 16 Chadians, 23 Sudanese, 6 Afghans, 4 Ethiopians, 3 Iraqis, 5 Somalis, 3 Iraqis, and 5 Americans.

The updated list also includes detainees from the UAE, France, Djibouti, Mauritania, Libya, Qatar, Algeria, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Eritrea, the Philippines, and Palestine – in addition to 8 other detainees of unidentified nationalities.

Yemeni Abdulrahman Fares Amer al-Merri is among the most dangerous foreign detainees for his involvement in setting up three terrorist cells operating in 4 Saudi towns.

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