Saudi Arabia

55% of Vehicles in Saudi Arabia are Uninsured

Around 55 percent of vehicles on the Kingdom’s roads are not insured against accidents, according
Hani Dahhan, chief executive officer of the insurance service company Najm. local media reported.

He said Saudi Arabia already lagged behind in road safety with its high number of traffic accidents and road fatalities. He said more initiatives were needed to reduce this epidemic, which is wasting human and material resources.

The Kingdom’s roads witness an average of 1,461 traffic accidents every day, resulting in 25 deaths and 104 injuries, according to the General Authority for Statistics (GaStat).

“About 55 percent of vehicles in the Kingdom are not insured, which means there are more than 6 million cars running on Saudi roads without real guarantees for the rights of the victims if any of these vehicles get involved in traffic accidents,” Hani Dahhan added.