Saudi Arabia

Items that are prohibited from being brought into Saudi Arabia

Following Items banned from import into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

1. Kuwait and Iraq war leftover equipment and machinery

2.Alerting apparatus (such as bells, sirens, burglar or fire alarms…) releasing sounds of police car sirens or of some animals

3.Industrial waste and hazardous refuse

4.Asbestos and products thereof

5.Drink has a description of Zamzam (Zamzam is a holy well located in Saudi Arabia)


7.Sarin toxic gas

8.Two, three and four wheeler children’s motorcycles or vehicles with a height not exceeding 50cm from its wheels are equipped with an engine working on gasoline or gas or any other flammable material regardless of its speed; such vehicles working on batteries are also banned if their speed exceeds 10km/h;

9.Security car radar detection equipment

10.Products manufactured or included in parts made in Israel are as follows:

11. No Israeli commodities or products of any kind and no Israeli coupons or other movable values shall be brought in or imported into the Kingdom. Further, no exchange or trading in the foregoing shall be permitted.

12. Goods and commodities made in Israel or in the production of which any percentage of the products of Israel enters whatever such products may be, shall be considered Israeli whether such goods and commodities come directly or indirectly from Israel.

13. Commodities and products reshipped from Israel or manufactured outside Israel to be exported for the account of Israel or for the account of the persons or bodies shall be treated as Israeli goods

14. Used cars, cars used by the security authorities (police, etc. ……), taxis (including rental cars and used previously by rental companies) and cars that have already been subject to incidents of drowning, fire, collision or toppling or other, which normally have stamped on their registration document (SALVAGE) or any other similar term from another language

15. Used car parts, except for main spare parts (such as transmission, outside body of the cars , differential, engine)

16. Used consumer goods (such as refrigerators, washing machines, fabrics, garments ….. etc.) with the exception of goods used for personal use

17. Old cars (more than five years old) and cars that had traffic accidents or drowning destined to be dismantled and sold in the form of spare parts

18. Appliances and products working only on 127V except: (Plugs and sockets with 127V voltage are allowed to be imported until the year 2026; Light bulbs, which operate on 127V are allowed to be imported until the year 2026; fixed electric fans and suction fans for kitchens and toilets that run on 127V are allowed to be imported until the year 2026, 127V fans incorporating luminaires or other electrical functions are not allowed; appliances and electrical equipment working on a bilateral (dual) Voltage adjustable manually or automatically (100-230) volt are allowed to be imported permanently; spare parts for equipment and electrical equipment and accessories working on 127V are allowed to be imported until the year 2026 (Confirmation/commitment letter shall be collected from the client stating that the products are to be used as spare parts, a remark shall be stated on the CoC in this regard)

19. Forbidden refrigerants in products (ACs, Fridges, Freezers, etc…)

In addition to the above list, the following products are banned from entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:
20. Explosive and radioactive materials, crackers, potassium nitrate of all kinds and potassium chlorate except with an official authorization.

21. All types of fireworks

22. Medicines that do not bear, or are not accompanied by a leaflet bearing the composition and the amount of each component as per the code of practice of the profession of pharmacy and the trade in drugs and medicinal preparations.

23. Commodities with the government logo correctly depicted, which consists of two swords with a palm tree (tall trunk with leaves at the end of it) between them.

24. Nutmeg fruit, its seed and powder. It is only permitted to import nutmeg powder mixed with other spices in the allowable limit, which shall not exceed 20%.

25. Coupons of Hadi (sacrificial animal), sacrifices, ransoms (Fidyah) and charity. (paper document referring to sacrificial animals – sacrifice offered during Hajj; Sheep, camel, cow…)

26. Cameras which permit viewing the body without clothes (naked).

27. Massage devices which are presented in an immoral way.

28. Small cars and bicycles for children, that do not exceed 50 cm in height from the axle, and that are driven by engines powered with gasoline or gas or any combustible material in addition to battery operated cars if their speed exceeds 10 km/hr.

29. Tools and devices used in opening doors and cars (pick-locking)

30. Annoying horns

31. Masquerade masks

32. Imported empty bags bearing brands and labels or food products or cement or logos of companies, except the ones imported for national companies.

33. Transparent feminine cloaks (Abaya) even for personal use.

34. Special types of knives for aggressive purposes like double edged knives, or handheld knives.

35. Entertainment devices with hysterical laughter

36. Inside substance

37. Pencils in the shape of syringes.

38. Commodities with flags of foreign countries marked in significantly large form.

39. Cosmetics which cause irritation to human organs.

40. Prototype of Prophet Mohammad’s stamp (peace be upon him).

41. Commodities which have names & photos of celebrities.

42. Hides of lions.

43. Devices which transmit programs wirelessly (Video Poster).

44. Video phone devices

45. Bags that contain a radio, recorder or alarm device

46. Greeting cards with small musical devices which work automatically when the card is moved.

47. Car antennas are similar to the ones used by security cars and to wireless telephones.

48. Counterfeit money

49. Potassium Bromate is used as an enhancer in bread production.

50. Cars with two exhausts, which work with a 450 horsepower force and manual transmission.

51. Devices which are placed behind the driver to alert him in case he falls asleep.

52. Voice Changing Devices

53. Pinhole glasses (that work with lasers).

54. Light emitting shoes in which mercury is used.

55. Toys are in the shape of human hands, which are placed by some drivers in a prominent way in their cars

56. Electronic mosque niches.

57. Six-pointed Star.

58. Cars with steering wheels on the right side.

59. Antique Gun

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