Saudi Arabia

8 Million Copies of Holy Quran and Translations to Be Gifted to Hajj Pilgrims

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs of Saudi Arabia will distribute eight million copies of the Holy Quran and its translations to Hajj pilgrims as the gift of King Salman upon their entry to the Kingdom.

The program aims to spread the legitimate awareness among pilgrims and calls for adherence to the correct method of belief, worship, and behavior, in addition to guiding pilgrims to perform their proper rituals and informing them about their religion.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry for Publications and Scholarly Affairs, Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Mohammed Al-Hamdan pointed out that the titles of the books approved by Hajj this year amounted to 52 titles in more than 30 languages. With more than 8,000,000 copies of the Holy Quran, translations of its meanings, ritual books and manuals will be distributed.

He noted that the Islamic Electronic Library, distributed to all international airports of the Kingdom, Includes exit-port centers and some mosques and essential sites.