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80% of Expat Levy to Be Returned to New Small and Medium Enterprises

Saudi Arabia has decided to refund 80% of expat levy collected from the new Small and Medium scale Establishments, through Monshaat Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority. To avail the refund, establishments can be applied through Monshaat website : Check Work Permit Fee (Maktab Amal) Payment Status

The new program will refund 8-kind fees collected from the new SME’s including 80 percent of expat labor work permit fees. However, Expat dependent levy will not be refunded.

A total of 7 billion riyals is allocated and the refund program will continue until the end of 2021 or the complete utilization of the fund, whichever is earlier. Any fee paid before 1/1/2018 will not be refunded : Check the Iqama Red Green Status.

The refund include,

– Issuance and renewal fee of the Commercial Register

– Chamber of Commerce subscription and renewal fee

– Municipal licenses fee

– Issuance and renewal of licenses for economic activities

– Saudi post subscription fee (Wasel)

– Trademark Registration fee

– 80 percent of the work permit fee of foreign workers (Dependent fee not included)

More details and terms and conditions about the program published in the website

In order to be eligible for the refund, the establishment must be fully owned by a Saudi citizen and the date of commencement of the firm must not be earlier 01/06/2016