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87th Saudi National Day Events

Saudi Arabia is getting ready to celebrate the country’s 87th National Day. The General Entertainment Authority (GEA) has announced that exciting preparations are underway to unveil 27 diverse festivities across 17 cities across the Kingdom.

Thanks to the much talked about Saudi Vision 2030 and the highly resourceful GEA. Locals and expatriates will have the opportunity to enjoy the energetic environment showcasing various combination of sports, cultural shows, fireworks, and concerts.

The GEA has lined up some incredible displays to light up Saudi Arabia’s horizon with the likes of high technology laser shows and vibrant fireworks. There are also plans for impressive aerobatics and animated smoke shows in the sky, all displayed in beautiful harmony alongside a variety of the country’s national music.

Saudi Arabia’s national gem, the Kingdom Tower in Riyadh, will be lit up against the night skies with a display of fireworks and the most giant HD projection on a tower in the world.

Taking pride in the Saudi culture, the GEA will be presenting an operetta, “National Epic,” at the famous King Fahad Stadium telling the tale of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Holograms will dance on the water signifying the stories of Saudi Arabia’s rich culture and history.

“A Nation’s Smile” festival in Madinah is planned to combine the story of a country with a beautiful past and a bright future, which is sure to evoke feelings of pride and admiration among the crowd of onlookers.

Perhaps the most innovative event and the first of its kind in the Kingdom will be a performance by more than 11 Saudi and Gulf singing legends at Al-Johara stadium in Jeddah. Mohamed Abdo, Majed al Mohandes, Aseel Abu Baker, Abdulmajeed Abdullah, Tala Salamah, Abadi Al Johar, Hussein Al Jasmi and Abdullah Al Rowaished will be celebrating with an excited audience on Saudi National Day.

Alternative events not to miss, include car festivals, sports shows, folklore shows, bazaars, fashion shows, dancing fountains, parades, hot air balloon rides, and The Jungle Book play. Despite the vast and diverse platforms, one thing that appears customary across the festivities is the effective use of high-end technologies, including 3D shows, LEDs, and HD projections with a promise of magnificent results.

The GEA has announced a full program of all its activities, which is available at

The General Entertainment Authority is a government-sanctioned body borne out of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 program. The Authority looks to develop, promote, regulate, and fund a competitive entertainment infrastructure in the Kingdom, partnering with both government bodies and the private sector.

Courtesy: Saudi Gazette

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