Adnan V. Alonto, New Philippine Ambassador to KSA

Adnan V. Alonto is the new Philippine ambassador to the Kingdom. He is taking over the post that had been vacant for more than one year following the departure of the previous ambassador Ezzedine H. Tago.

Alonto was named the ambassador to the Kingdom a few months ago but his takeover was delayed as he was entrusted with a crucial task in troubled Mindanao region where he acted as the emissary of the president with the rebel groups.

The new envoy takes charge at a time when Saudi-Philippine ties are reaching a new level following the visit of President Rodrigo Duterte to the Kingdom.

Alonto, a non-career diplomat who is a seasoned lawyer with a high-profile background, was chosen by President Duterte to represent the country in Saudi Arabia.

The labour-friendly diplomat on his first day in office at the embassy in Riyadh spotted his compatriots waiting outside the building. The ambassador immediately issued his maiden order that no Filipino should be made to wait outside the embassy premises for any service.