Al-Sulaybiya: Land where the finest grapes are grown in Saudi Arabia

Al-Sulaybiya, which produces the finest quality grapes in Saudi Arabia, hopes that the fruits of their labor will contribute toward the development of the local economy.

The region supplies more than 20,000 tons of different varieties of grapes all over the country and is very popular among customers. The seasonal production of the fruits begins in mid-July and continues till the end of September every year.

The area of Sulaybiya supplies the market with five different types of fruits that vary in color and size. These grapes are the outcome of the fresh water and fertile soil of the region.

The juices extracted from these grapes are also highly profitable. The grapes can be extracted up to three years of their cultivation and the crop consumes very little water. The grapes of this region also give a generous harvest.

The fruit is also dried and sold as raisins while its leaves are an important part of the culinary heritage across the region. The grapes yield large amounts of juice and take many forms in the food processing industry.

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