Automated Monitoring Cameras Will Start Functioning by Monday

General Directorate of Traffic said in a statement Automated monitoring of the drivers who violate the regulation of securing safety belt and those who call on hand-held mobile phones while driving will begin on Monday.

The statement added that the move comes as part of the directorate’s efforts to check traffic violations with the help of modern technology, which will be implemented in its initial phase at the cities of Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam, before bringing other cities under the cover of the technological surveillance, Al-Madinah reported.

The penalties for above said violations ranging between SR 300 and SR 500.

According to General Authority for Statistics (GaStat) 79,509 people became disabled in the Kingdom in 2017 as a result of road accidents. The report said most of the accidents occurred due to speeding or the use of cell phones while driving.

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