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Beggar Has 1.25 Billion Lebanese Pounds in Bank Account

People’s generosity in Lebanon have made a woman beggar into a millionaire, according to local reports.

Pictures of Wafaa Mohammed Awad and her bank cheques have gone viral on social media – after it was revealed that the woman has accumulated approximately $900,000 (approx. SR 3.37 million) from begging in Lebanon’s Saida city.

When converted to the Lebanese currency, the well-known beggar had more than 1.250 billion Lebanese pounds at the Jamal Trust bank.

The case came to light after the woman went to the bank to transfer her ‘savings’ to another bank as the former was facing financial problems.

Photos of the viral cheques were dated September 30.

Awad was richer than most people who gave her money in the name of charity.

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