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Blood Moon Will Be Visible Tonight in Saudi Arabia

On Friday night and early Saturday morning, the Earth will pass between the moon and sun, creating a total lunar eclipse and turning the moon red also called ‘blood moon’

In Saudi Arabia, the lunar eclipse begins at 9:30 pm until 1:30 am in the morning

But this is not just any old eclipse. For while lunar eclipses happen regularly — about every two or three years — this will be the longest of the century. The total eclipse will last 104 minutes, but the whole show, from the moment the moon begins to be obscured (the penumbral eclipse) to the time it emerges from the Earth’s shadow, will last just over six hours.

The eclipse is composed of three distinct phases – the penumbral eclipse, the partial eclipse, and total eclipse.

Countries from Central Asia through to Eastern Africa will see all three phases one after another.

This includes India, Pakistan, Iran, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Madagascar, South Africa and Egypt.