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Mobile Phones to Show Caller Name & ID Starting from Oct 2023


  • Mobile users in Saudi Arabia to see caller names and IDs.
  • Eliminate guesswork and identify callers instantly.
  • The feature works automatically with no extra activation.
  • A move to reduce fake calls and enhance user protection.
  • Service providers ensure seamless integration of the update.

Caller Name & ID Feature Starts Oct 2023

Great news for mobile phone users in Saudi Arabia! Starting from October 1, 2023, when you receive a call, you’ll be able to see not just the caller’s number but also their name. This means no more guessing who’s on the other end – you’ll know before you pick up!

Protecting Users from Unwanted Calls

Why the change? This new feature is all about making calls more reliable. It’s especially useful for calls from official places like companies or government offices. When they call you, their name will show up, so you’ll know it’s a legit call and not some scam. This new update aims to cut down on fake calls and protect users. It’s also a move away from unreliable apps that might not respect the privacy of callers.

Automatic and Hassle-Free: No Activation Needed

One cool thing is that this feature will be automatic. So, if you’re getting a call from a registered entity, like a government office or a private company, their name will pop up on your screen. No need for any extra setup or activation from your side.

Service providers have been advised to make sure this feature works seamlessly in their networks. This is just an added bonus for users, ensuring they know who’s trying to reach them.

So, come October 1st, get ready for a clearer, more informed calling experience. Say goodbye to unknown callers and hello to transparency!

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