Iqama Violations

Everything you need to know about the Iqama in Saudi Arabia

What is Iqama in Saudi Arabia The Iqama, also known as the Muqeem, is a residence permit granted to expatriates arriving in Saudi Arabia on a work visa or a dependent visa. Iqama is required to open a new bank account in Saudi Arabia and …

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Jawazat Called on Expatriates to Renew Iqama On-Time

The Directorate General of Passports, known as Jawazat, has called on all expats in the Kingdom to renew their Muqeem / Iqama cards at least three days before the expiry date, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) quoted Jawazat as stating. Jawazat stressed that not renewing the …

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New List of Violations and Penalties for Taxi Drivers

Public Transport Authority (PTA) has started imposing fines on drivers violating its operating regulations, local media reported. According to PTA inspector Bakr Hawsawi, the fines being imposed on violating drivers are harsh enough to make motorists stick to the rules and regulations that are made …

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How to Check Traffic Violations Payment Deadline

When you get a traffic fine in Saudi Arabia, you need to pay it off within the deadline. The deadline to pay your traffic fine is one month from the date the violation occurred. So, here’s how to determine your violation date: Via Traffic Violation …

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Understanding the 3-Day Grace Period for Iqama Renewal in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, with its rich history and evolving economic landscape, is a sought-after destination for many expatriates. Among the myriad of regulations and procedures that expats need to familiarize themselves with is the iqama, or the residence permit. An essential aspect of the iqama is …

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Deported violators face three-year ban: Jawazat

Saudi Arabia’s Jawazat recently clarified that fingerprint registered deportees will face a three-year ban on re-entering the kingdom. Similarly, exit/re-entry visa violators also face a three-year ban on re-entering the kingdom, according to Jawazat.