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Check Your COVID-19 Health Travel Requirements at Tawakkalna

Health Travel Requirements Service in Tawakkalna App

Tawakklana app has introduced a new service called “Health Travel Requirements, ” allowing users to easily view the travel health requirements related to COVID-19 for every country.

To make use of this service, simply follow these steps:

(1) Log in to the Tawakkalna App.

(2) Go to the Services page.

(3) Select the “Health Travel Requirements” service from the Travel Services.

Health Travel Requirements, Tawakkalna

(4) Select the country for which you wish to check the health requirements for travel.

(5) On the next page, you will see the country’s health requirements for travel, such as the PCR, the COVID-19 vaccine and others.



Mohammed Ameen is an expatriate blogger who loves sharing his experiences of living and working in the Gulf countries.