CITC launches free local roaming service

Saudi Arabia’s Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) has launched a free local roaming service. The service enables users to switch to another operator’s network if their primary operator’s network is not available.

Local roaming covers all services, including voice calls, Internet access, and short text messages.

According to the CITC, the services will be calculated using the primary operator’s rate. Additionally, no additional charges for local roaming will apply. Read: How to Change Your Email Address on Absher

The local roaming project will begin in Asir. The project will expand to other regions in the kingdom by the end of 2021. See: 11 Useful Mobile Apps in Saudi Arabia

The CITC Governor, Mohammad Saud Al-Tamimi, said, the local roaming service aims to enable operators to use their peers’ telecom networks to meet the needs of recipients and to assist telcos in providing their services to the maximum number of users.

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