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CITC Issues New Rules on Fair Usage

The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) adopted decisions on absolute transparency in packages, offers, and regulating the fair-use policy.

The new regulation provides for the abolition of all current fair-use policy practices on unlimited Internet packages applied by service providers to users. This is due to a lack of commitment by service providers to full transparency.

The regulation obligates service providers to lift all restrictions and to cancel the fair-use policy for all packages with unlimited Internet access within a maximum of 48 hours.

If the supplier wishes to apply the fair-use policy to current or future packages, the CITC will allow all service providers a maximum of 30 days to clarify their policies to all users with complete transparency.
The new regulation also stipulates that if a fair-use policy is applied to any current or future offer or package, the minimum fair-use obligation should be met.

As per new regulations in the case of the application of the fair use policy:

Internet packages using voice slides
Minimum for fair use
• 3 GB/day after which the speed drops to 512 kbps/min
Service type

Internet packages using data segments
Minimum for fair use
• 6 GB/day after which the speed drops to 1 Mbps at a minimum
• Ensure that no fair-use policy is applied to fixed broadband services or voice services.

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