Citizens and expats can now use Digital IDs instead of plastic cards

Citizens and expatriates in Saudi Arabia are no longer required to carry plastic documents of their national identity, residency permit (iqama), driving license, and vehicle registration. The newly introduced “Digital ID” can be used instead of the plastic cards for all official purposes.

Prince Bandar al-Mashari, Assistant Minister of Interior for Technical Affairs, said the digital ID can be used instead of a plastic card in all official transactions by Saudis and expatriates.

Citizens and expatriates can activate their “Digital ID” through the new “Absher Individuals” app using their existing Absher username and password.

Digital ID can be used at banks, companies, individuals, government agencies, and security checks, whether within the Kingdom or outside, he added.

Prince Bandar al-Mashari said the “digital ID” can be accessed through the “Absher Individuals” website, and a copy of it can be stored on a smartphone for use without the need for an internet connection.