Exit Re-Entry Visa

Coming Back to Saudi Arabia on Expired Re-Entry Visa

Coming Back on Expired Exit Re-Entry Visa

Following are the options for returning to Saudi Arabia on an expired or new visa following the expiration of your exit re-entry permit.

Coming Back to Saudi Arabia on an Expired Visa

You cannot simply return to Saudi Arabia if your exit-reentry visa has expired. All at the same, if your sponsor is willing to return you to the Kingdom, you may proceed.

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However, you must first ensure that your Iqama is valid. If your iqama has expired, your sponsor cannot return you. If your iqama remains valid, your sponsor may return you within seven months of the expiration of your Exit/Re-entry visa. In this case, your kafeel or the head of your company’s human resources department will visit the Jawazat/Passport office, submit your document, and complete any necessary applications.

Then the jawazat/passport department will give a yellow slip after this your Sponsor or company will write a request The Jawazat/passport department will then issue a yellow slip, and your Sponsor or company will write a letter to Saudi Arabia’s Embassy requesting permission to return to Saudi Arabia following an extended vacation. The Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should certify this application letter.

Your Sponsor will send you all the necessary documents, and you will submit all documents received from your sponsor to the Saudi Embassy. Once the Embassy is approved, you have seven days to return to Saudi Arabia.

Returning to Saudi Arabia on a New Visa

According to labor law, violators of exit re-entry visas will face a three-year ban on re-entering the Kingdom on a new visa. If you leave the country on a re-entry visa and are unable to return before it expires, you will be barred from entering the Kingdom for the next three years. There are, however, no restrictions on entry to any other Gulf countries during this time period.

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