Coronavirus: 48 new cases and eight recoveries reported today, total 392

Coronavirus: 48 new cases and 8 new recoveries reported today, total 392

Saudi Arabia today announced 48 new cases of coronavirus (COVID-19), bringing the total number of cases in the kingdom to 392, according to the Ministry of Health.

There are 118 new COVID-19 cases reported in Saudi Arabia in the last two days brings the total to 392.

Eight new recoveries also reported today and so far 16 recoveries reported in the Kingdom.

Five of the new cases are healthcare workers in Riyadh. The rest of the cases were infected when they were in close contact with other infected cases, the spokesman added.

According to the ministry, 376 coronavirus infected patients are currently in treatment in the kingdom.

The spokesman of the Ministry of Health highlighted the importance of self-isolation and 14-day quarantines.

He said, most importantly, people should stay at home and away from gatherings to prevent the further spread of the virus.

“Gatherings at home are dangerous as well,” the spokesman warned.

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