Coronavirus: Latest Updates from Ministry of Health

According to the Ministry of Health, here are the latest updates on coronavirus outbreak in the Kingdom.

The ministry says as of today there are 171 confirmed coronavirus cases in the Kingdom. A total of 6 recoveries have so far been reported and 165 people are currently being treated.

Among total infected people, 87 males, and 84 females and their average age is 45.

The Ministry of Health revealed out of 171 confirmed cases, 104 were Saudi nationals and 64 foreigners.

38 coronavirus cases are the result of being in contact with infected cases.

As of now the conditions of infected persons in the Kingdom are stable, except in one case.

The ministry said there was no outbreak of coronavirus in the health facilities.

Coronavirus is transmitted via droplets, not via air, according to the study. Vaccines are the best way to cut the chain of virus and epidemic outbreaks in the world, says the Ministry of Health.

The ministry added: “We thank all members of society for their response to the precautionary measures.”


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