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Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia announces lockdown in six neighbourhoods of Madinah

The Ministry of Interior announced a lockdown in six neighbourhoods of Medina starting today until further notice.

The new decision prevents residents from leaving their homes and the lockdown applies to the following neighbourhoods in Medina,

  • Qurban
  • Al-Sharibat
  • Bani Dhafar
  • Bani Khidrah
  • Al-Jumuah
  • Iskaan

Movement is restricted in those areas and all citizens and residents must remain at home throughout the day, the ministry said.

Home delivery will be allowed during the lockdown given that delivery services ensure that all preventative measures are being followed, the ministry added.

Donation baskets of food and supplies, as well as medical supplies, will be donated across these neighborhoods to those in need, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development said.

The ministry called on the public to adhere to instructions to ensure the health and safety of everyone in these areas.

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