Saudi Arabia

Expat with coronavirus could face death penalty for spitting on shopping trolleys

The Saudi public prosecution said on Wednesday that an expatriate worker could face the death penalty for intentionally spitting on shopping carts in a mall last week despite knowing that he has the coronavirus, reported Gulf News.

The unidentified offender was arrested after he was reportedly seen spitting at shopping trolleys in the region of Hail in north-western Saudi Arabia, as the kingdom is battling to contain the novel coronavirus.

The public prosecution said in a statement that authorities are investigating the person who was arrested a few days ago for intentionally spitting on shopping carts in a store in Baljurashi Governorate in the Al-Baha region for spreading coronavirus.

The prosecution explained that the expat could face the death penalty because his actions amount to first-degree murder.

The man and three other expats were arrested last Friday in the Hail Region of northwest Saudi Arabia.

Three people have died of COVID-19 in Saudi Arabia, official figures state, and there have been 1,104 confirmed cases.

The country is under a nationwide curfew and movement between the 13 regions in the kingdom is banned.

Schools and universities have been closed and congressional prayers at mosques banned.