COVID-19: Saudi Arabia Launches Contact Tracing App ‘Tabaud’

The Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, launched “Tabaud” (Distancing) app as a way to notify those who are in contact with infected people.

The Tabaud app will notify people of infected individuals by sending encrypted data to smartphones running the app, identifying people who have contracted the virus with information about their devices, according to regulations endorsed by Google and Apple, with full protection of users’ privacy.

The application enables the users to receive direct and proactive notifications in case of detection of any registered infected person, for the purpose of requesting direct medical assistance from the Ministry of Health.

Upon downloading Tabaud, Bluetooth technology can detect nearby smartphones that also operate the app, determine the distance, and notify users of potential danger in order to take the necessary precautionary steps.

The characteristics and functions of the Tabaud app will be subject to any additional instructions issued by Saudi authorities in order to achieve the health and safety goals envisaged in developing the application by involving individuals to control the pandemic outbreak and gradually ease the restrictions on social and other activities.

Tabaud - Covid-19 KSA

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