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Daily 1468 Expats Left Private Sector in Q2 of 2019

According to the latest report published by the National Labor Observatory (nlo.sa), the number of expatriates leaving the private sector during quarter two of 2019 accounted for 133,652 with an average departure of 1,468 people on a daily basis, the Saudi Gazette reported.

At the same time, Saudis joining the private sector during the same period reached 44,814, with an average entry of 492 Saudis a day.

The National Observatory portal, launched on Jan. 31 this year with the objective of further boosting Saudization and regulating labor market, has contributed to the strategic transformation by providing data and information about the major topics pertaining to the labor market in the Kingdom.

The strategic objectives of the Observatory include provision of accurate and reliable data to all stakeholders, supplying analysis and insights to business partners, to build a network of experts and professionals to meet the challenges of the labor market, and to manage and disseminate knowledge.

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