Dependent Levy

Expat Dependent Fee Payment Linked to Iqama Issuance and Renewal

Authorities in Saudi Arabia have officially approved the advance payment of expat dependent fees at the time of the Iqama (residence permit) issuance or renewal. The fee will be SR 100 for each individual starting July 1.

The fees will be doubled to SR 200 for every dependent from July 2018, tripled to SR 300 in 2019, and quadrupled to SR 400 from July 2020.

The sources said the amount collected from the expat dependents’ fees will go to the state’s treasury. They said the current SR 200 a month levy paid by private sector companies and establishments for every foreign worker (SR 2,400 per year) will continue to be paid up to the end of the current year.

From January 2018, the levy will double to SR400 a month per expat worker.

In 2019, the workers’ fees, to be paid by the private sector, will be increased to SR 600 and then to SR 800 in 2020.

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