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Expat Arrested on Sr 14m ‘Double Money Magic’ Scam

Saudi police arrest expat claiming he could double people’s wealth using magic.

Volatile markets and the fear of making an investment blunder can lead some people to make strange decisions, but turning to the supernatural is perhaps taking things a little too far.

Riyadh police have arrested an expat from an unspecified Arab country for scamming SR 14 million from people after promising to double their money using magic, reports Arab News, citing the Saudi Press Agency.

The fraudster claimed he could use sorcery to boost their wealth, a provincial government spokesman, Aloush bin Fares Al-Sebaei, said.

He was identified by Riyadh’s central field committee, which is tasked with catching practitioners of exorcism, known as ‘ruqya’; folk medicine and interpreters of dreams.

No details were revealed about the number of people who were duped or whether they may get any of their money back.

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