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Additional Information about the Expat Dependent Levy

Expat Dependent Levy Details:

Levy for Newborns

The fee for expat dependents also includes newborns. It must be paid retrospectively from the date of birth following birth registration in order to obtain an Iqama.

Levy for Final Exit:

Concerning the issuance of a final exit visa for an expatriate worker, his dependent, and/or companion, the fee should be paid from July 1, 2017, to the date of the final exit visa’s issuance (departure date). If the validity period of the final exit visa exceeds the validity period of the iqama, the fee for the overlapping validity period of the visa and iqama must be paid.

Levy for Exit / Re-entry

Dependent levy for remaining months of iqama must be paid in order to issue exit/re-entry permit for a dependent

Levy is not-refundable

Levy must be paid in advance and the fee will be non-refundable

Levy on Government sector expat employees

Government sector expatriates are exempt from the expat-dependent levy.

Payment of Levy

The fee shall be paid in the category of ‘Associate Fees for a Specific Associate or All Associates’ in the Alien Control segment in the government services section of SADAD bills available at online systems of all local banks in the Kingdom

No Nationalities exempted from the Levy

No nationality is exempt from the levy.