Dependent Levy

Expat with four wives and children requires SR 50,000 for Iqama renewal

A Yemeni expatriate from Riyadh with four wives has expressed his helplessness to renew his residence permit because of the huge amount of levy he will have to pay for his family. Akhbaar24 news reports.

He said he discovered on checking the SADAD website that he was required to pay SR46,000 in order to renew his Iqama.

The Yemeni said there are a number of his relatives and friends facing the same situation. Some of them have their parents or brothers staying with them in the Kingdom and because of which one of them can renew his Iqama only with the payment of  SR55,000.

Since July 1, the expatriates in the Kingdom have been required to pay a family levy of SAR100 per month for each dependent including children. It will increase by SAR 100 every year until 2020.