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Expat Kills Wife’s Lover in Jeddah

An East Asian expatriate allegedly murdered an Indonesian acquaintance of his because he suspected the victim was having an affair with his wife.

Citizens living Al-Naeem district of north Jeddah informed the police about the body of an Indonesian expatriate found dumped in the street.

Police immediately reached the area and cordoned off the scene. Preliminary investigations revealed that the victim was stabbed to death with a sharp object.

Police received leads from some witnesses who reported that they had seen a man with East Asian features leaving the crime scene in the victim’s car. The man had an infant in his arms. Police suspect that the infant was the victim’s son.

Police contacted the victim’s wife who confirmed that her husband was Indonesian. When police showed her the picture of their suspect, she confirmed that he was one of her husband’s acquaintances.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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