FRIENDI Internet Packages 2024

By Mohammed Ameen

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FRiENDi Mobile KSA Internet Packages

Looking for an affordable and suitable internet plan? Discover Friendi’s diverse internet packages designed to meet your needs and budget. This guide will cover Friendi’s range of options, detailing their features and pricing to help you find your ideal plan. Read on to make the best choice!

FRiENDi Data Bundles

Friendi Mobile provides highly cost-effective internet plans in Saudi Arabia, with prices beginning as low as SAR 1.99. For individuals seeking value, their 3-month internet package is an excellent choice, priced at SAR 175 for 50GB. Here is the most recent comprehensive list of internet packages from Friendi.

30MBSAR 1.991 Day
100MBSAR 4.993 Days
500MBSAR 8.507 Days
1GBSAR 12.9910 Days
1.2GBSAR 17.0021 Days
1.5+0.4GBSAR 25.9930 Days
2.5+1GBSAR 39.9930 Days
20+40GBSAR 99.0030 Days
UnlimitedSAR 325.0030 Days
30+20GBSAR 175.0090 Days
50+25GBSAR 260.0090 Days
100+100GBSAR 330.0090 Days
300 GBSAR 450.0090 Days

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FRiENDi Daily Capped Bundles

FRiENDi also offers daily capped data bundles that give customers a certain amount of data with a daily cap and set validity period. This is a great option for those who want to stay connected without the worry of exceeding their data limit.

521 MB3.5 GB7 DaysSAR 30
512 MB7 GB14 DaysSAR 40
1 GB+ 10 Min30 GB+ 300 Min30 DaysSAR 75

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FRiENDi Combo Bundles

Friendi’s combo bundles provide data alongside national and international minutes at competitive prices. Below is the list of these latest combo bundles.

55 SAR250 min5GB5GB28 Days
99 SAR700 min40GB80GB30 Days
110 SAR1000 min40GBUnlimited30 Days
149 SAR1500 min55GBUnlimited30 Days
12.99 SAR60 min1GB7 Days
17 SAR120 min1GB14 Days
29.99 SAR150 min3GB3GB14 Days
43 SAR250 min3GB30 Days
43.50 SAR200 min5GB3GB21 Days
70 SAR250 min20GB15GB30 Days
85 SAR500 min25GB25GB30 Days
319 SAR800 min100GB90 Days
90 SAR100 min100 min20GB30 Days


In conclusion, Friendi offers a wide range of affordable internet packages, from daily plans to Combo Bundles, fitting every budget and need without additional costs. We hope you’ve found the right plan for you. Thanks for reading!