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FRiENDi Mobile KSA Internet Packages

FRiENDi Mobile KSA is a mobile operator in Saudi Arabia that offers prepaid mobile services. The following are the most recent internet packages offered by Friendi Mobile in Saudi Arabia.

FRiENDi Data Bundles

FRiENDi Mobile KSA’s Regular Internet Packages are as follows:

Price (SR)DataValidity
1.9930 MB1 Day
4.99100 MB3 Days
8.99300 MB7 Days
12.99500 MB10 Days
14.99750 MB14 Days
17.001 GB21 Days
25.991.5+0.4 GB30 Days
39.992.5+1 GB30 Days
60.005+2.5 GB30 Days
99.0020+20 GB30 Days
110.0010 GB90 Days
189.0020 GB90 Days
260.0050+25 GB90 Days
330.00100+50 GB90 Days

FRiENDi Daily Capped Bundles

Additionally, FRiENDi offers daily capped data bundles, which provide customers with a set amount of data with a specified validity period and daily cap.

Daily DataTotal DataValidityPrice (SR)
521 MB3.5 GB7 Days30.00
512 MB714 Days40.00
1 GB30 GB30 Days75.00

FRiENDi 3X Bonus Data Bundles

Customers who purchase FRiENDi 3X Bonus Data Bundles can use the bonus data during off-peak hours between 12 a.m. and 6 a.m.

Price (SR)Data (6 am-12 am)Bonus Data (12 am-6 am)Validity
39.995 GB15 GB7 Days
79.9910 GB30 GB30 Days

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