Saudi Arabia

GACA allows non-Saudis to travel outside the kingdom

Saudi Arabia’s General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) has directed airlines operating at airports in the kingdom to transport non-Saudi passengers outside the country, in compliance with precautionary measures to stem the spread of coronavirus.

The authority has granted permission for airlines to operate charter flights on the condition that the crew of a landing aircraft at the Kingdom’s airports do not leave their plane, and that they do not physically have contact with the ground/operation staff of the arrival airport.

GACA said in the circular that these directives do not include countries where a new mutated strain of coronavirus has arisen and that this is consistent with the decision of the competent health authorities. GACA also advised the airlines to coordinate with the Air Transport Department prior to applying for flights.

Saudi Arabia last Sunday shut down all its ground, air, and seaports for a week in the wake of news of the appearance of a new mutated strain of coronavirus in a number of European countries.