GACA spokesman explains what it means by institutional quarantine and how it differs from home isolation

The spokesman for the General Authority of Civil Aviation, Ibrahim Al-Rusaa, explained what institutional quarantine means, indicating that it is one of several measures aimed at containing the coronavirus’s spread.

Al-Rusaa said in an interview with the “Saudi” channel that institutional quarantine is a term that refers to a facility that isolates travelers for a specified period of time in a specific location at the expense of the traveler and it is included in the price of the travel ticket, in addition to a valid health insurance policy to cover the risks from the COVID-19 infection.

He said that the institutional quarantine does not apply to citizens, but rather to non-immunized residents arriving from countries that have not been barred from entering and that it will last 7 days, beginning at the hour of arrival at the institutional quarantine site. Read: Quarantine not required for fully vaccinated travelers

He further said that institutional quarantine differs from home isolation, as home isolation takes place in the residence, while institutional quarantine is in a place approved by competent authorities


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