Health minister urges everyone to get vaccinated against COVID-19

Saudi Arabia’s health minister, Dr. Tawfiq al-Rabiah, has renewed his call for everyone to get vaccines against covid-19 for safety and health.

The minister said in a Twitter statement that over 950 million coronavirus vaccines have been administered worldwide and it shows the vaccine’s high level of effectiveness, noting that over 3 million people have died due to coronavirus, and over 100 million people are suffering from its effects.

The kingdom reported 1,028 new cases, 824 recoveries, and 12 deaths resulting from Covid-19 on Wednesday.

There are currently 9,818 active cases in the kingdom, with 1,145 of those being critical.

Saudi Arabia has recorded a total of 408,038 cases, 391,362 recoveries and 6,858 fatalities to date.

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