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Health ministry warns against negligence in the application of precautionary measures

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health has warned against negligence in the application of COVID-19 precautionary measures, reiterating the importance of continuing to adhere to them.

According to the health ministry, a single dose of the coronavirus vaccine does not provide sufficient immunity to protect against the virus, urging everyone to continue vaccination efforts with additional doses. The ministry issued this statement in response to a question about the importance of receiving a second dose.

The kingdom confirmed 1,142 new coronavirus cases, 1,089 recovery cases, and 13 deaths on Saturday.

According to statistics, so far 439,847 cases of infection were reported in the Kingdom, while 423,795 cases of infection were recovered.

The Ministry reports that the total number of coronavirus vaccine doses administered in the kingdom reached 12,606,414 doses.

The Kingdom also managed to conduct an overall 78,608 lab tests in the 24 hours.

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