Heat-Resistant House Goes Viral on Social Media

While temperatures in Saudi Arabia crosses 50°C , a house in the Kingdom has become the talk of enveloping their house with greenery to keep blazing temperatures down by a few degrees. 

While the location and identity of the family has not been revealed, the house, which appears to be nothing less than a tiny hill, is draped in climbers. Also read: STC officially launches commercial 5G services in Saudi Arabia.

Research proves green roofs can decrease heat absorption through ceilings, “which results in lower indoor temperatures and improvement of thermal comfort for inhabitants.”

In several countries around the world, people are starting to use roof gardening as a way to beat the summer heat.

However, the concept has divided Saudi online users. While some were all for the move and thought the idea was incredible, others thought it had its downsides. 

Source: Step-feed

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