How to add event tickets to the Tawakkalna app?

Tawakkalna is Saudi Arabia’s official coronavirus application. The Tawakkalna application is continually updated with great new features. The app’s latest feature allows you to add event tickets.

There are two ways to add event tickets to Tawakkalna.


When purchasing tickets through the service provider’s application:

  • Share it with Tawakkalna by clicking on the share button.
  • The ticket will be added to the tickets in the Event Services section automatically.

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When purchasing tickets from the service provider’s website:

  • You will be asked to enter Tawakkalna’s passcode.
  • Tawakkalna passcode” can be obtained by visiting Tawakkalna app and then clicking the Tawakkalna passcode
  • Enter the passcode.
  • The tickets will be automatically added to the tickets in the Tawakkalna Event Services section.

How to Pass Tickets to Other Users

You can pass the tickets to one of your dependents already added to the app or any other user by using a code.

This can be done by clicking on the “Pass Tickets” option in the Tawakkalna app.

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