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How to Use Automated Immigration System Installed at Riyadh Airport

Automated Border Control System

Automated Border Control (ABC) is an automated immigration control system that combines the latest technology and advanced software such as facial recognition and border control software. It provides a fast and secure solution for airports and border authorities, as well as a user-friendly experience for travellers.

The new facility allows the arrival and departure of the country without the need to see an immigration officer. The process only takes a minute.

How to use the Automated Immigration System

  • Firstly, select the language as English
  • Select Passport for international passengers (National ID / Iqama for Domestic Travel)
  • Next, you will have to place your passport’s main page on the reader equipped with the automated border control system.
  • Then place your four fingers together on the fingerprint reader.
  • The system will then take your photo (camera equipped in the top-centre position).
  • Select next and get your immigration receipt printed by an automated border control system.

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