How to Write a Good CV and Cover Letter

By Mohammed Ameen

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How to Write a Good Curriculum Vitae (CV) and Cover Letter

For a single person to be selected among thousands of applicants applying for the same job, he/she should have a good CV and a good cover letter. Here are a few tips on how to write a CV, a perfect cover letter, how to write a resume, and what to write in an email when sending a resume.

Eliminate Errors

A good CV should be skimmed. It should be strictly one page unless you have over ten years of experience or have been asked to write two pages. There should be no error on your CV. Errors like wrong spelling or grammar mistakes can cost you.

Do Not Add Images

You should not add any picture unless you have been asked to include one for yourself or your age and gender. CV is different from a cover letter, so you can use bullets and keep your sentence short. It must be consistent in formatting, spacing, and alignment. However, you can use bold and capital letters for categorical heading and subheadings. Do not underline any text or include abbreviations.

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Pick the Right Format

To write a good resume and perfect cover letter for a resume, you should pick the right format and layout for it to be attractive. Make sure you have mentioned all relevant personal detail and contact information, your top hard and soft skills, experience, and achievement.

You can optionally add hobbies and extra language you know. Writing a resume objective and writing a summary in a resume mostly depends on the instruction provided by the company or organization. Do you want to know how to write resume objective? Then, click here to see a few examples.

What to Write in an Email

When sending a resume, you should be somehow creative. You should also make sure you use an effective subject line. It would be best if you addressed the hiring manager by name. Lastly, close the resume email body by saying you’re eager to meet in person during the interview.

A good cover letter can help you secure your dream job. If you write a perfect one, you will get replies from every company you apply for a job.

Be Brief

For a good cover letter, you should stick to one page. It should be personal because the interviewer wants to glimpse your personality. Also, it should address a specific team or reference person. A good cover letter should include an action verb and do not abuse the pronounce “I” and make sure its error-free.


If your resume or cover page is weak, you will end up sitting around for weeks or even months. You will not get any responses from any organization you applied to. Would you like to be invited by HR managers for interviews? Then make sure your CV, cover letter, or resume is excellently written. The tips above can help you craft a good CV, cover letter, and also teach you how to write summary in resume.