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HR ministry targets to employ 115,000 citizens in the private sector

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (HRSD) has launched a new Saudization program that targets the employment of 115,000 citizens in the private sector through agreements with major companies, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

This was disclosed during a meeting held by the Administration and Human Resources Committee of the Shura Council, which discussed the ministry’s annual report.

The meeting discussed the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development’s annual report for the year 1440/1441. The meeting reviewed Saudization in general and the localization of professions in particular, especially important jobs in the private sector.

The deputy ministers also revealed the ministry’s most prominent targets in the 2021 budget, saying that it consists of seven goals, including the employment of about 115,000 Saudi youth in various sectors who had not previously entered the labor market or had been out of work for more than three months.

Ministry officials said that the proportion of women entering the labor market from 2018 to the second quarter of 2020 had risen steadily.

The budget targets also include Saudization of professions in three major sectors, which are accounting, engineering, and communications and information technology.