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Air India Pilot Found Dead in Riyadh Gym

An Air India pilot was found dead in a health club of a hotel in the Saudi capital Riyadh, Indian and Saudi reports said.

Mumbai-based Air India first officer Capt. Rithwik Tiwari was found lying sideways in a small toilet room located in Meydan Riyadh health club in the Holiday Inn, Times of India said, citing sources it did not identify.

The state-run pilot was just 27 years old.

The incident happened after he returned to the hotel after operating a flight and hit the hotel gym, said a source.

Tiwari was to get engaged next month, said an official from Air India.

“The police were called in when there was no response from the locked toilet room. The door was opened by police. The medical team called to the health club declared him dead,” the source said.

The commander of the flight Capt. Renu Maulay identified the first officer.

“Air India Riyadh manager broke the news to the first officer’s father. The Indian embassy in Riyadh was also informed about the death,” the source said.

NDTV, citing crew sources, said that Tiwari died reportedly of a heart attack while working out in the hotel gym.

The pilot’s death was confirmed by Indian embassy officials.


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