Indian expats in Saudi Arabia declined by 600,000 in 3 years

The number of Indian citizens working in Saudi Arabia has decreased by 600,000 in the last three years, according to a report published by the MEA – Ministry of External Affairs Government of India.

In a reply to a question at Lok Sabha, Minister of State for External Affairs, V. Muraleedharan, said around 13.6 million Indians were living abroad.

The number of Indians in Saudi Arabia in September 2017 was 3,253,901.

The current number of Indians living in Saudi Arabia is 2,594,947.

Indians in Saudi Arabia and Gulf Countries in 2020

India has the largest population of people living abroad in the world. Saudi Arabia houses more than 2.5 million Indians, the largest number of Indians living abroad among the 203 countries listed by the ministry.

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