Institutional quarantine for all those arriving in Saudi Arabia from non-banned countries

All unvaccinated visitors from countries not subject to a travel ban must enter institutional quarantine upon arrival in Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Interior said Monday.

The measure, which takes effect on May 20, requires all unvaccinated travelers to adhere to institutional quarantine procedures for a period of seven days and to obtain a valid health insurance document that covers them against coronavirus risks.

Unvaccinated travelers must also submit polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test results for coronavirus on the first and seventh days following their arrival.

The following categories are exempt from the measures:

-Vaccinated travelers

-Citizens, spouses of citizens, sons, and daughters of citizens, and domestic workers traveling with any of the aforesaid groups.

-Domestic workers who are not vaccinated accompany vaccinated residents.

-Official delegations

-Those with diplomatic visas, diplomats, and their accompanying families

-Airline and sea crews

-Truck drivers and their assistants

-Those involved in health supply chains

-Cases that have been excluded, as determined by the relevant authorities

The ministry highlighted the need for everyone to adhere to precautionary and preventive measures and not be complacent in applying health requirements.

According to the ministry, all precautionary and preventive measures related to travel are continuously evaluated by the Public Health Authority ‘Weqaya’ in accordance with the epidemiological situation, and the relevant authorities will announce the regulations governing this.

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