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Jawazat completes free extension of exit/re-entry visas for expats outside

The Directorate-General for Passports (Jawazat) on Monday announced that it has completed the automatic extension of the exit and re-entry visas for expatriates outside the Kingdom for a period of three months without charge.


Extension of exit/re-entry visas for family members of expatriates and domestic workers will be available using Absher. The conditions for the provision of this service include that the person shall be outside the Kingdom and the validity of his or her residency permit (Iqama) covers the extension period. Another condition is that the expiry of exit and re-entry visas should not exceed more than 60 days., the Saudi Gazette reported, citing an announcement from the Ministry of Interior.

The procedures for the extension of exit/re-entry visas include payment of visa fees through a bank account with SR 100 for a single visa and SR 200 for multiple visas for each month of extension. The concerned person should log into the Absher portal and choose the service for the sponsoree, then visa services and choose the individual and then the option to extend the visa.

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