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Jet Airways Flight Aborts Take Off in Riyadh, Goes Off Runway

A Jet Airways flight from Riyadh to Mumbai went off the runway, following an aborted take-off at the Riyadh Airport in the wee hours of Friday.

Taking to Twitter, Jet Airways confirmed that all passengers travelling in the flight 9W 523 have been safely evacuated.

“All 142 passengers and seven crew members who aboard the B737-800 aircraft have been safely evacuated with no reported injuries,” the official statement said.

Sources said the acceleration gained during the takeoff could have steered the aircraft beyond the runway even when the pilot would have applied procedures to abort take off.

“Currently the event involving flight 9W 523 is being investigated by local regulatory authorities and our teams are providing full co-operation as necessary. At Jet Airways the safety of our guests and crew is of paramount importance,” said another tweet of the airline.

The airline is working out alternate travel arrangements for the passengers from Riyadh.

Jet Airways has reported the matter to Air India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation and is fully cooperating with all concerned authorities.

It added that the airline’s operations across the network, including its other services from and to Riyadh, remain unaffected.